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Water Features

With over 20 years experience in outdoor water features, our team specializes in waterfalls, streams, ponds, rock bubblers, water gardens and under water lighting. 

Outdoor water features elevate a landscape design visually, functionally and can also provide sound benefits. 

For example, a waterfall feature can help block out unwanted noise and a calm stream can create a relaxing ambiance. 

It's also important to select an outdoor water feature with a level of maintenance that suits your lifestyle.

Our team can guide you through the process from concept to completion for the outdoor water feature of your dreams!

Tiered Stone Waterfall

Waterfalls, Fountains & Bubblers


Each landscape is unique and the water features should be designed specifically for that space.

Carefully selecting the materials, size and location of the feature is important to make it feel and look natural in the landscape.


Lighting is an important component to consider in the water feature as it can completely transform a space at night. 

A properly designed, installed and maintained feature can bring you a lifetime of enjoyment. 


Ponds & Streams


Recreating nature with water features is as much art as it is a technical skill. It takes years of technical experience and an artistic vision to truly bring an outdoor water feature to life. 

Ponds and streams require special consideration to account for overflow mitigation, algae prevention, along with proper pumps and filtration systems. 

These technical details need to be executed to make the water feature functional, while appearing natural in the landscape. 

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