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Defining Your Landscape Budget!

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Consider your landscaping an addition of your home

Throughout the year people will spend a better part of the time outside in their yard, whether it is entertaining, relaxing with the family, or just enjoying being outside. Your yard is a place where you spend valuable personal time, so why not make it a space you love.

Establishing A Budget

The budget will be determined by your priorities for the space and what you are comfortable spending.

A common equation is if you spend 10% of your home’s value on landscaping you can expect a 20% increase in the value of the property.

If your current property value is $600,000 and you spend $60,000 on landscaping, you can expect the property to be valued at $720,000 after the project.

Landscaping can often cost more than clients anticipate. When taking on a project there are a variety of trades, equipment, scheduling, and planning that goes into each project.

A large portion of the cost that relates to each project we take on is site preparation and grading. Site preparation and grading are comprised of the demolition, excavation, and grading before we start any hard or soft landscaping. This generally can be anywhere from 25-40% of the cost on a project. Our team places a high priority on this portion of the project as it sets the foundation for all our work to be completed on. To ensure the highest quality and longest-lasting product the above steps are necessary.

At Second Generation Landscapes we offer excellent service and high-quality products. We believe in building a landscape that will last a lifetime.

Estimates And Pricing

To provide an accurate estimate, we first need to visit the space to take measurements, and elevations and review any installation constraints.

Having a drawing or design allows us to provide an accurate quote for the project. If you do not have a drawing, we offer conceptual sketches and work with several designers who offer a full range of design services.

When we prepare a quote, we stand behind the price we quote to complete that defined scope of work. Changes in pricing may occur when additional work or products have been added to the project.

Material prices can fluctuate throughout the year; therefore, our estimates are valid for 60 days without a commitment. Beyond this time, we may need to adjust the estimate for the project.

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