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How to choose an outdoor water feature

Selection Guide

Finding the right outdoor water feature for your home can be challenging, but our experts can help guide you through the process.

Some key points to consider when choosing a water feature include:

  • correct size for the property

  • desired sound and ambiance

  • maintenance level required

  • algae and overflow prevention

With over 20 years of experience 

designing, installing and maintaining water features our professionals know what it takes to create a beautiful feature that's built to last.


Tiered Stone Waterfall

What size water feature is best?


Finding the right water feature is a balance of size, shape and design to make sure it suits the landscape.

Smaller areas are more suited for something like a natural rock bubbler, whereas larger spaces would benefit more from a pond, stream or waterfall. 

Height is also an important consideration with versatile design benefits, such as using a tiered waterfall to create depth.


The sound of running water


Water features can also provide acoustical benefits and it is important to consider not just how your water feature will look in the landscape, but also how it will sound.

Waterfalls and streams are effective at reducing noise pollution from sources such as traffic to create a tranquil space that you can relax in. 

A peaceful sounding waterfall or calm stream can be the perfect way to complete your landscape design. 

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